Member Training Providers

Several BHSEA members are training providers / consultants, some of whom offer discounts to other members. Many are members of IOSH, the professional body, and regularly attend BHSEA events, sometimes providing presentations.

However, inclusion in the list below does not imply any endorsement or recommendation from BHSEA and it is recommended that you refer to HSE leaflet INDG420 ‘Getting specialist help with health and safety’ to help you ask the right questions.

  • Groundforce Training
    Groundforce Training
    • A wide range of courses primarily for those working in utilities, construction and civil engineering.
    • From short duration health and safety awareness to more complex or specialist safety consultancy solutions.
    • Industry leading accredited safety training is delivered both on-site and through a nationwide network of training centres.
    • 20% discount for BHSEA members
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  • Radmoor Training
    Radmoor Training
    • First aid and manual handling training.
    • Venue provided by Radmoor or at client’s premises / chosen location.
    • Training for member’s clients on behalf of the member company.
    • 10% discount for BHSEA members – ask for details.
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