Event Overview

  • 13th May 2024
  • 12:45 PM - 03:00 PM

Chris Miles - Fire Protection Association
The changing landscape of fire safety – has enough been done to prevent large scale disasters occurring?

This presentation will develop your understanding of the main legislative changes within construction in the last 6 years with the intention of preventing large-scale fires in buildings leading to significant loss of life. Delegates will gain an awareness of the key factors which can contribute to large fires and how the UK is planning to mitigate them. Specifically the presentation will examine

  • Have sufficient changes been implemented to encourage a culture of safety for both residents/users and buildings?
  • Are there clear responsibilities and competencies now defined for all of those involved in a building’s fire safety management? 

John Williams - West Midlands Fire Service

What to do in the event of  fire on your premises 

Vic Tanner - Zicam Security

Fire Systems

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Walsall FC WS1 4SA